EXCL: Apted & Gruffudd on Amazing Grace


On Friday, Michael Apted’s historical drama Amazing Grace will open nationwide, and though it might look like your typical period film with all the trappings–wigs, costumes, tall ships, etc–it’s actually a fascinating look at a man named William Wilberforce, played by Ioan Gruffudd (Fantastic Four), who was the driving force behind the abolition of the slave trade in England back in the early 19th Century.

As it follows the life of this incredible man who traversed the line between religion and politics, Apted used all of his experience with historic films to give viewers a glimpse into the ways of Parliament and the bureaucracy of the day, as portrayed by a cast of some of England’s finest from Albert Finney and Michael Gambon to Toby Jones, Rufus Sewell and other lesser known but equally talented actors.

ComingSoon.net had a chance to sit down to talk to Apted and the star of the film, Ioan Gruffudd, recently; you can read each of the respective interviews by clicking on the links below:

Director Michael Apted

Ioan Gruffudd AKA William Wilberforce