CS Video: James Ford Murphy, Director of Pixar Animation Short, Lava


Possibly one of the biggest disappointments of 2014 so far is the lack of a new feature from Pixar Animation Studios, which also means that we don’t get a new Pixar short in front of it. Even so, that hasn’t stopped Pixar from having a short ready to go that they’re hoping will be nominated in the Oscar Animated Short category.

Directed by James Ford Murphy, an 18-year veteran of Pixar’s animation department going all the way back to 1998’s A Bug’s Life, Lava is a rarity for Pixar in that it’s essentially an animated music video that tells the story of a lonely volcano in the Pacific Isles that’s only looking for “someone to lava.” As with most Pixar films, it’s a brightly colorful film that brings life to normally inanimate objects while recreating a beautiful tropical setting.

ComingSoon.net sat down with Murphy last week while he was in New York for the Hamptons Film Festival where Lava played as part of the festival’s short films program, an interview you can watch in the video player below. In it, he talks about the process for pitching a short to Pixar and what it took to get it to its finished state.

For everyone else who wants to see it, Lava will play in front of Disney•Pixar Animation’s Inside Out when it opens theatrically on June 19, 2015.