CS Video: Liam Neeson Takes A Walk Among the Tombstones

Set in 1999, writer/director Scott Frank’s A Walk Among the Tombstones attempts to capture some of the collective uncertainty and raw fear present just before the completion of the last millennium. Adapting Lawrence Block’s 1992 crime thriller, Frank sets Liam Neeson as Matt Scudder, an ex-NYPD cop haunted by his own past now working as a private investigator. When Scudder agrees to help a heroin trafficker (Stevens) find the men responsible for murdering his wife, Scudder begins to find his own unlikely path towards redemption.

ComingSoon.net sat down to speak with Neeson and Stevens about the ambitious, stylized crime thriller and the importance of capturing that sense of end-of-the-world angst. Check out the video interview in the player below and catch A Walk Among the Tombstones in theaters on Thursday evening, December 18.