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Hit & Run: Moran Rosenblatt, Gal Toren & Lior Ashkenazi Discuss Netflix’s Thriller

Netflix’s latest action thriller Hit & Run is out tomorrow, August 6. The series, which takes place in Israel and the United States, features Lior Raz, Sanaa Lathan, Kaelen Ohm, Gal Toren, Moran Rosenblatt, Lior Ashkenazi, and Gregg Henry.

“In this new action thriller, a happily married man’s life is turned upside down when his wife is killed in a mysterious hit and run accident in Tel Aviv,” reads the official synopsis. “Grief-stricken and confused, he searches for his wife’s killers, who have fled to the U.S. With the help of an ex-lover, (Sanaa Lathan), he uncovers disturbing truths about his beloved wife and the secrets she kept from him. ”

To learn more about Netflix’s Hit & Run, ComingSoon Editor-in-Chief Tyler Treese spoke to Moran Rosenblatt, Gal Toren, and  Lior Ashkenazi. Check out the video interview below or a full transcript.

Tyler Treese: Moran, you get to play a very intelligent detective. Can you speak to what it meant for you personally to play such an empowering role?

Moran Rosenblatt: I’m very glad I had to play. Now I see that I fell in love with the character a little bit. In characters, I am looking for falling in love with it a little bit. I definitely fell in love with Tali. Her combination of being tough and also being very calm and she can say thank you after finding an answer from a lead. I really love this combination and this is what I tried to create and hope that it will come out as this.

Lior, what really drew you to the role of Assaf and you know, this project overall.

Lior Ashkenazi: I’ve never played this kind of character before. The mystery guy. The guy who walks on the edge does a lot of spoilers that I can’t actually talk about the character, but this is the main thing I think that actually attracted me to do to this kind of character. And the script, the whole thing.

Gal, your character is former special forces and he’s dealing with PTSD. He gets pulled into this wild situation. What went into that portrayal for you?

Gal Toren: I think it’s kind of someone that was trying to run away from not dealing with his problems or finding shelter in finding the wrong answers. In the end, it comes in, and bites his head off. You can run but you can’t hide.

Moran, once the series moves to New York, a lot of your scenes are done through phone calls rather than physical interactions. Is there any difficulty filming those types of scenes?

Rosenblatt: I think most of them are already shot on Lior [Raz]’s side, on Segev’s side. So I got to see the energy, which Segev is talking to them. So, it was easier. I tried to put something more in each and every scene like this and also the script itself, you know, I talked to him while I pee, so I love those kinds of this particular scene.

Lior, you’ve found an increasing amount of international success lately. Stuff is streaming, so it’s so global now. How rewarding is it that a global audience gets to see your work?

Ashkenazi: Well, like the last year was, I was in Israel so I can’t actually know what’s gotten [popular] because there weren’t any festivals or premieres out there. But I know it’s a lot of fun to get more audience especially in a platform like Netflix, which it’s not just the American audience, it’s worldwide and it’s amazing. Yeah, it’s awesome.


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