September 15 Blu-ray, Digital and DVD Releases


September 15 Blu-ray, Digital and DVD Releases

September 15 Blu-ray, Digital and DVD Releases

Welcome to’s September 15 Blu-ray, Digital HD and DVD column! We’ve highlighted this week’s releases in detailed write-ups of different titles below! Click each highlighted title to purchase through Amazon!

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New Movies on Blu-ray/DVD

Disoriented by his past misgivings and subsequent, unexpected blows to his self-esteem, Tommaso wades through this late chapter of his life with an increasingly impaired grasp on reality as he prepares for his next film.

Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway
What do you get when you cross Afro-futurism, Cold War paranoia, the dystopian world of Philip K. Dick and 60s exploitation cinema, along with a hefty dose of Lynchian surrealism? The answer: the second feature by Miguel Llansó and one of the most striking and original films you ll see all year.

A lonesome boy accompanies his mother on a trip to clean out his late aunt’s house, where he ends up forming an unexpected friendship with the retiree who lives next door.

Digging through the vast collection of his father’s home videos, a young man reconstructs the unthinkable story of his boyhood and exposes vile abuse passed through generations.

Swans – Where Does A Body End?
An intimate portrait of the band Swans, from their roots as a brutal, confrontational post-punk band that emerged in early 1980s era NYC to their odds-defying current status as one of the most accomplished and ambitious bands in the world, one whose concerts are more like ecstatic rituals than nostalgic trips back through their most popular songs.

A Tramway In Jerusalem (DVD)
On a tramway that connects several of Jerusalem’s neighborhoods from East to West, a mosaic of people from different religious and ethnic backgrounds are brought together.

El Calor Despues De La Lluvia (DVD)
A young woman runs into her ex-boyfriend during an annual religious pilgrimage. The unresolved loss of their unborn child forces her to engage with unrealized emotions. She cooly takes refuge at her parent’s house, a place filled with memories and an exuberant natural world, where everything’s fine… or is it?


Roman Holiday
Audrey Hepburn captured an Oscar for her portrayal of a modern-day princess, rebelling against the royal obligations, who explores Rome on her own. She meets Gregory Peck, an American newspaperman who, seeking an exclusive story, pretends ignorance of her true identity. But his plan falters as they fall in love.

Flying Leathernecks
A no-nonsense WWII squadron leader whose unforgiving style clashes with that of his fellow officer, Robert Ryan.

Stephen King 5-Movie Collection
5-terrifying Stephen King classics, in one Blu-ray collection. This set includes Pet Sematary, Pet Sematary (2019), Silver Bullet, Stephen King’s The Stand, The Dead Zone.

The Cat and the Canary
Comedy legend Bob Hope is at his very best in this hilarious comedy-thriller. A decade after the death of an eccentric millionaire, his remaining relatives gather for the reading of the will at his abandoned mansion set deep in the Louisiana bayous.

The Ghost Breakers
Ghosts and gags collide in this witches’ brew of laughs, with Bob Hope as a Manhattan radio commentator who finds himself marooned on an island of the walking dead!

The Sin Of Nora Moran
A young woman is prosecuted by her lover’s brother for a murder that she did not commit.

Based on the true story of Jeffrey Dahmer (Jeremy Renner), this tale of terror dares to explore the truth of a man many called an abomination of nature, but who was most decidedly a living, breathing person.

Cary Grant Collection
This collection includes three Cary Grant classic comedies from the 1930s: LADIES SHOULD LISTEN, WEDDING PRESENT and BIG BROWN EYES!

The Grey Fox
After decades in prison, stagecoach robber Bill Miner emerges in 1901 a free man without a place in 20th-century society.

New On Digital HD

Cats & Dogs 3: Paws Unite! (exclusive clip)
A villain has destroyed the ten-year truce between cats and dogs. Now, a team of high-tech agents will have to use their animal instincts to restore peace between the species.

Death of a Vlogger (exclusive clip)
An ambitious vlogger experiences the dark side of the internet when his latest video, which features an alleged haunting, goes viral.

A Dark Path (exclusive clip)
Sisters coming back from a Bachelorette weekend, in Eastern Europe, come across an ancient creature that now has their scent & is hunting them.

Murder in the Woods (exclusive clip) (on Digital HD September 18)
Soon after arriving to a mysterious cabin in the woods, a group of teens discover the dark secret it holds, which forces them to fight for their lives.

TV on Blu-ray and DVD

Succession: The Second Season (DVD)
Beginning where the first season dramatically left off, Season 2 follows the Roys—media tycoon Logan (Brian Cox) and his four grown children—as they struggle to retain control of their empire amidst internal and external threats.

A House Divided: Season 2 (DVD)
A House Divided Season 2 finds Carissa Walker on a calculated war path as she solidifies her position as the new matriarch of the Sanders family.

Killing Eve: Season 3
The story of two women with brutal pasts, addicted to each other but now trying desperately to live their lives without their drug of choice. For Villanelle, the assassin without a job, Eve is dead. For Eve, the ex-MI6 operative hiding in plain sight, Villanelle will never find her.

Mom: The Complete Seventh Season (DVD)
Single mom Christy Plunkett has her life mostly on track, although she’s continually tested by her mother, Bonnie. Both are in positions they never thought they’d be in – Christy is well on her way to becoming a lawyer, while Bonnie is in a healthy romantic relationship and has just gotten married. Together, mother and daughter work to build a better future for their family.

Prodigal Son: The Complete First Season
Criminal psychologist Malcolm Bright (Tom Payne) knows how killers think and how their minds work. Why? His father is The Surgeon, a serial killer who has taken the lives of more than 20 people.

Judy Collins & Jonas Fjeld – Winter Stories: Live From The Oslo Opera House (DVD)
Judy Collins – along with critically acclaimed Norwegian folk artist Jonas Fjeld and masterful Americana band Chatham County Line – invite you to a hootenanny at the Oslo Opera House. Filmed in February 2020 off the tails of the newly formed groups’ critically-acclaimed studio release ”Winter Stories”, the resulting live DVD and CD is a collection of classics, new tunes, and a few surprises.