CS Exclusive: Ed Helms’ 5 Favorite Cop Flicks


CS Interview: Ed Helms' Five Favorite Police Movies

CS Exclusive: Ed Helms’ 5 Favorite Cop Flicks

The day has arrived for the next Ed Helms (The Hangover Trilogy) comedy vehicle Coffee & Kareem, which is now available for streaming on Netflix! ComingSoon.net got the opportunity to chat 1:1 with the Office alum to discuss his five favorite cop flicks, and you can check out the star’s answers below!

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In the raunchy, buddy-cop comedy Coffee & Kareem, twelve-year-old Kareem Manning hires a criminal to scare his mom’s new boyfriend, an inept Detroit police officer named James Coffee. However Kareem’s plan backfires, forcing Coffee and Kareem to team up in order to save themselves from Detroit’s most ruthless drug kingpin.

The film will star Helms as James Coffee, up-and-comer Terrence Little Gardenhigh (SpeechlessJust Roll With It) as Kareem Manning and Academy Award-nominated actress Henson as Kareem’s mom. It will also feature Emmy nominee Betty Gilpin (Glow) and Andrew “King Bach” Bachelor (Meet the Blacks),  RonReaco Lee (First Wives ClubSurvivor’s Remorse), and David Alan Grier (In Living Color).

Michael Dowse (StuberGoon) directs Coffee & Kareem from a script written by Shane McCarthy, which was featured on the 2014 Blacklist. Helms and Mike Falbo will produce through their Pacific Electric Picture Co. banner. Executive producers include Sanford Nelson, Jordon Foss, Linden Nelson, and Don Foss.

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Beverly Hills Cop

Ed Helms: I think Beverly Hills Cop really stands out, the reason to me that is such a special movie, aside from the fact that it came out when I was a kid and it was part of what defined my childhood, it’s a very strange tone because it’s really broad, aggressive comedy mixed with very visceral violence. And that’s a very hard thing to pull off because you don’t want violence in these kinds of movies to be very dark and off-putting.

Police Academy

Ed Helms: Let’s see. Favorite cop movies? I mean, I would definitely include “Police Academy.” It’s cops in training, right? Not actual cops. They’re in the Academy. You’ve given me a freebie here, and I’m going to take it because that is one of my favorites of my childhood.

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Lethal Weapon

Ed Helms: Lethal Weapon is incredible. Lethal Weapon is a super funny movie, but also really a lot of pathos in that movie that kind of sneaks up on you. It’s very 80’s in that way.

Die Hard

Ed Helms: Die Hard is unstoppable. He’s a cop, right? He’s a New York Cop in LA. He’s a fish out of water cop, so that counts.

Point Break

Ed Helms: We did our little Point Break homage in Coffee & Kareem. I love that movie. I haven’t seen it in a long time, so I couldn’t tell you if it holds up, but when that first came out I was just right at the right age to just feel like it was the most bad-ass thing I’d ever seen and I loved it.

Coffee & Kareem is available to stream on Netflix now!