Our 10 Favorite Irish Actresses

Comingsoon.net is celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day by taking a look at some of our favorite Irish actresses. Check out their names in the gallery below!

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There aren’t as many Irish-born performers in Hollywood as there are well, everything else. However, if Saoirse Ronan’s career (so far—look out Meryl Streep) has proven anything, it’s that a whole lot of talent comes from the Emerald Isle. The place is a catalyst for creativity not just in film but in literature, dance, you name it.

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While everyone is out (or not out) raising a glass to the patron saint of Ireland, we would like to raise ours to all of the women representing their homeland with or without their native accents. In honor or St. Patrick, Guinness, and great cinema, here are our 10 favorite Irish actresses from the big and small screen.


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