Our 10 Favorite Irish Actors

Comingsoon.net is celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day by taking a look at some of our favorite Irish actors. Check out their names in the gallery below!

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When we think about actors from the UK, our minds wander to the finest thespians from the London stage; rarely do we think about those that come from northern Ireland and definitely not southern (which isn’t a part of the UK). More often than not, Irish actors put on English or American accents—hiding that from which they came.

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Characters like James Bond and Dumbledore have been brought to life by Ireland’s finest. On top of all the Guinness and charm, the Emerald Isle is a well of creativity; it’s a birthplace of some truly legendary performers. In honor of the patron saint of Ireland, here are our 10 favorite Irish actors who have represented Ireland on the big and small screen.


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