CS Video: David O. Russell and Christian Bale Talk American Hustle


After David O. Russell’s The Fighter and Silver Linings Playbook earned a total of 15 Academy Award nominations, including a Best Actor in a Supporting Role win for Christian Bale, the question is, can they do it again with American Hustle?

In the fictional tale inspired by the FBI sting operation, Abscam, Bale leads as Irving Rosenfeld, a corpulent con man rocking a wicked comb-over who runs a highly successful operation alongside his mistress who enjoys posing as Lady Edith (Amy Adams). When the duo is caught in the act by an especially determined FBI agent, Bradley Cooper’s Richie DiMaso, they’re forced to join Richie’s operation and help him bring in a group of high-profile white-collar targets.

Just ahead of American Hustle‘s December 13th limited release and December 20th expansion, ComingSoon.net got the chance to sit down with Russell and Bale to discuss the film’s title change, the similarities and differences between Irving and his real-life counterpart, Melvin Weinberg, as well as Bale’s experience working on Ridley Scott’s Exodus and the status of Russell’s JFK conspiracy movie, Legacy of Secrecy. You can catch all of that and one absolutely epic high-five in the interview below.

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