11 Anti-Climatic Boss Fights in Television and Film

Comingsoon.net is taking a look at some anti-climactic showdowns that left us wanting more. Check out our picks in the galley below!

A “boss” in video gaming refers to a significant CPU enemy. When you’re up against a boss, it typically means you’ve reached the end of a level—the climax of a particular section. In the fight, everything you’ve learned is put into practice as you have to conquer a presence that has been lingering over however many hours of play. In a movie or on television, those hours usually amount to 1 or 2 and the boss is that “big bad” who’s been bothering the protagonists.

Viewers spent a lot of time anticipating showdowns with various “big bads,” often over the course of multiple episodes and films. When one has to wait for more than one entry in a franchise to find out which character will be victorious (and how), expectations are high. It goes without saying, you can’t please everyone. Here are some showdowns that not only didn’t please but left a lot of people feeling robbed of a satisfying boss battle.


Marvel and DC