10 Recent Remakes That Can’t Compete With The Original


Remakes that can't compete with the original

10 recent remakes that can’t compete with the original

Comignsoon.net is looking back on some of the biggest remakes from the past decade and comparing them to the films they’re based on. Check out our selections in the gallery below to see which ones pale in comparison to their predecessors.

Remakes are nothing new. They’ve existed long before the recent string of live-action Disney remakes, long before the multiple iterations of Spider-Man, even before the trend of American remakes of foreign box office hits. They’ve actually existed since the beginning of film history, when many directors would actually remake their own films years down the line (one such example is George Cukor’s 1932 film What Price Hollywood, which he later remade as 1954’s A Star Is Born).

Still, that doesn’t excuse this recent string of horrible remakes, reimaginings, and sequel-remake hybrids. With no real reason to exist beyond studios banking on recognizable intellectual properties to bring in big bucks at the box office, these films listed below are truly the epitome of a bad movie, made worse by the fact that most come from genuinely good movies that still hold up. Even if you think the original films are just okay, there’s no denying the laziness and lack of quality these remakes possess.