The Best Buddy Cop Duos Ranked

The new Bad Boys for Life trailer has feeling nostalgic, so we’re ranking our favorite wise-cracking, cap-busting, buddy cop duos. Check out our picks in the gallery below!

What makes a good duo? Is it the dialogue and chemistry? Talented actors who play off one another creating an entertaining dynamic; for example, the no-nonsense professional dealing with a less than stern wild card—two people who would normally never be put in the same room. Good films are all about organic interactions; electric scenes are a result of good writing, casting and directing. Sometimes you can get by with action and personality.

No friendship, partnership or rivalry on-screen has ever boasted more personality than that of the buddy cop duo. Throw two charismatic people in a chaotic situation and you’re bound to elicit a reaction from the audience- laughter, shrieking, maybe even some tears. Make those two characters cops (or at least one), and well, you’re going to fill a theater. It is arguably the most renowned archetypal pair in the history of Cinema. From Gibson and Glover to Smith and Lawrence, here are some of the best pairings to ever pull the trigger together (and yes, we omitted Tango and Cash).


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