9 Reasons Why Sony Needs MCU Spider-Man


9 Reasons Why Sony Needs MCU Spider-Man

9 Reasons Why Sony Needs MCU Spider-Man

ComingSoon.net is looking at all of the things that has made MCU Spider-Man great and why Sony will be hard-pressed to succeed without them. Check out our picks in the galley below!

We all remember when Spider-Man came out in 2002. Before that, yes, we had an array of 20th-century superhero films and then X-Men (2000), but Sam Raimi’s film really brought the genre into the 21st century. We went to see it opening weekend with our siblings, parents, and grandparents and we were amazed by it. A wall-crawling, web-slinging Toby Maguire taught us that “with great power comes great responsibility.” That quote will be overused for decades to come… Spider-Man 2 extraordinarily did well, Spiderman 3 less so…and then it was all rebooted…twice under the Sony masthead.

With the help of Kevin Feige and the MCU, Sony reintroduced us to Peter Parker in a way that combated our reboot fatigue, cementing him as a character with a very important and bright future within that universe. It’s recently been reported that Sony doesn’t plan on paying for him to stay there— Kevin Feige being unable to devote more time to a character Disney does not own. If Tom Holland’s take on the iconic character is confined to Sony’s upcoming Spiderman/Venom-centric universe it will be leaving a lot behind. A lot of things that MADE the newest version of the character. Here are some MCU-centric things Sony will be leaving behind if Kevin Feige and Disney no longer produce with them.

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