The 10 Best Movies Set In Washington DC


best washington dc movies

The 10 best movies set in Washington DC is headed to the nation’s capital to find the best movies set in the District. Check out our selections in the gallery below!

Our nation’s capital has been home to all kinds of action throughout film history—some of it much more destructive than anything seen in the real world, thankfully. Still, time after time, Washington, D.C. continues to be subjected to plenty of intrigue and excitement at the hands of Hollywood filmmakers. Whether it be a tense court trial or a high-stakes rescue mission or something else entirely (like some paranormal activity), D.C. takes it all like a champ.

Maybe it’s because Washington, D.C. is where all our political discourse is housed. Maybe it’s because it’s the metaphorical engine to the machine that is the United States. Whatever it may be, one can be certain that a D.C. setting in a feature film is bound to yield exciting results.