The 10 Best Movie Cameos


best movie cameos

The 10 best movie cameos knows there’s nothing like a good cameo. Check out our favorites in the gallery below!

Movie cameos have become something of an art form as of late, it seems. Maybe it’s because the production of so many films these days are plagued with near-constant media coverage, leaving the filmmakers to come up with at least one or two surprises to keep audiences on their toes. Maybe it’s simply because cameos are fun and unexpected, no matter what the genre. Either way, an uncredited A-lister appearing on-screen for a few minutes can be the highlight of a film.

It seems the art of the cameo is employed most in comedies, but (thanks to a certain 20th-century director) they can also be incredibly effective in dramas and action films, as well. No matter what, though, we simply love to see them. Of all the cameos throughout film history, these ones are easily our favorites.