The Five Best Rocky Montages


rocky montages ranked

The Five Best Rocky Montages is training hard to go toe-to-toe with the best Rocky training montages. Check out our picks in the gallery below!

It cannot be understated just how great the Rocky movies are. Yes, including Rocky V. If you’re still hating on Rocky V in 2019 you need to re-evaluate and come back. Anyway: all six Rocky movies are truly great. They tackle social and political issues with grace, and Sly never ceases to amaze (especially when he leans into the 80s cheese to maximum effect).

One aspect of that 80s cheese that permeates throughout the franchise is the art of the montage. Heck, one of these Rocky movies is essentially one long montage. (You know the one.) In honor of the excellence of these films (and their arrival on Netflix this month), let’s rank the five best Rocky montages.