The 5 Best Video Game Movies


video game movies

The 5 best video game movies is getting ready for The Angry Birds Movie 2 by taking a look at the absolute best video game movies. Check out our selections in the gallery below!

The concept of a video game movie is a highly-contested one in this day and age, especially as the definition continues to shift. The Angry Birds Movie was the first movie to be based on an app, but it kicked off an avalanche that continued with The Emoji Movie and the upcoming release of The Angry Birds Movie 2—this changes what a video game movie can be, which marks a huge change for an industry that previously relied on consoles for their source material.

Still, even with an ever-expanding definition, video game movies almost never turn out well. Critics hate them, video game players would prefer to play the game instead of watch a movie based on it, and general audiences unfamiliar with the game itself are practically alienated from the experience because they lack the general knowledge of the world on-screen. However, there are exemptions—some video game movies actually prove to be worth seeing.