The 10 Best Meals In Movies


the 10 best meals in movies

The 10 best meals in movies is preparing a menu full of the most memorable meals in film. Check out our selections in the gallery below!

Throughout film history, audiences have been treated to dazzling landscapes, intricate set designs, fantastic visual effects, and stellar performances from some of the medium’s greatest actors. One thing that simply can’t be beat, though, is a film’s ability to show some of the most mouthwatering smorgasbords imaginable. Not dissimilar from a commercial for a fast food place, movies have no problem exaggerating the look of a meal spread to make things seem better than any real-life restaurant’s offerings.

Across fiction and nonfiction, animation and live-action, film has never failed to satiate the hungry through food-focused movies. (But hey, if you’re truly hungry, maybe get some popcorn or something instead of relying on a film for your meals.) While there are certainly plenty of examples, these are the very best movie meals out there.