The 10 Best Martial Arts Movies


best martial arts movies

The 10 best martial arts movies is training hard to gain enough expertise to rank the very best martial arts movies ever made. Check out our selections in the gallery below!

Dramas are great and comedies are plenty entertaining. Animation can be truly one-of-a-kind and horror proves to be a fun genre time after time. However, it’s action that often ends up biggest bang for the moviegoer’s buck at 21st century multiplexes. At least that’s what streaming services and superhero movies like to think.

One little subgenre within the action genre that often ends up packing the biggest punch is the martial arts movie. From expertly choreographed hand-to-hand combat to breathtaking scenery to genuinely compelling storylines about glory and honor and vengeance and revenge, the martial arts movie is really something to relish in. That’s why it’s worth taking a look at some of the best martial arts movies in film history.