POLL: Which Never-Adapted Comic Book Deserves a Movie?

POLL: Which Never-Adapted Comic Book Deserves a Movie?

This week yet another San Diego Comic-Con will kick off, with many announcements on what big comic book movies are on their way. But what about all the celebrated comics that have yet to make it to the screen? ComingSoon.net wants to hear from its readers about which of these fan favorite comic books that have never been adapted deserve a big, splashy movie version? Make your vote heard in the poll below!

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Several of these comic books have been in development at studios before. Most recently Mouse Guard nearly made it to production at 20th Century Fox before Disney pulled the plug at the last-minute, with some test footage released. The Goon has been in development for years with producer Tim Miller (Deadpool) financing an amazing test reel and crowd funding an animatic of the whole film with Clancy Brown voicing the title tough guy. In the early 2000s David Fincher was set to direct Frank Miller’s Hard Boiled with Nicolas Cage to star, but more recently director Ben Wheatley and his High-Rise lead Tom Hiddleston have been attached. Fincher was also attached to a movie version of Black Hole with Neil Gaiman scripting, but it ultimately fell apart, though Ghost in the Shell director Rupert Sanders made an unauthorized short in 2011. In 2016 screenwriter Emily Carmichael was attached to helm a Lumberjanes movie at Fox, but she is no longer attached. Director Mark Osborne was attached to an animated version of Jeff Smith’s Bone (the first of a trilogy) in 2016, though nothing has been heard of the project since. Saga creators Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples have already stated that they have no interest in a film or TV adaptation until after the story’s run is complete.

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Are there any other comics that have never been adapted which you think deserve the movie treatment? Let us know in the comments below!