best newsroom dramas

The 5 Best Newsroom Dramas has chosen the best dramas that take place within the fast-paced world of journalism and is ready to send this slideshow to the presses. Check out our picks in the gallery below!

Back in Old Hollywood, newspaper pictures were comedies that made up a huge part of the market—1934’s It Happened One Night, 1940’s His Girl Friday, 1940’s The Philadelphia Story, all remain incredibly revered and much-lauded pictures from a bygone era. All these decades later, newspaper pictures endure in a much different capacity. Instead of comedy, they’ve transitioned to drama.

Today, especially in a time where true crime stories are so prevalent, newspaper dramas typically lean more toward based-on-a-true-story plots instead of coming up with new or fresh ideas. Still, it doesn’t matter—there are quite a few newspaper dramas worth talking about. We’ve compiled the five best ones.


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