best movies about lost love

The 10 Best Movies About Long-Lost Love is thinking back on our biggest heartbreaks to choose the absolute best movies about lost loves. Check out our selections in the gallery below!

Watching a movie span countless years is a feeling that never gets old. Watching the lives of the characters move in fast-forward is something the audience will never get to experience themselves, so learning the fates and the futures of the characters they’re invested in is almost like the second best thing to actually seeing their own futures. This plot device can be utilized in any genre, but we see it quite frequently in dramas and romances.

More specifically, many filmmakers use time jumps in stories about lost loves. Whether the film follows two childhood friends who reunite decades later or two former lovers who run into each other by coincidence (or by fate), these flash-forwards are the easiest way to showcase the entire history of a relationship. They aren’t the only way to do things, though—some movies pick up at the “years later” part and rely on the dialogue between characters to establish their pasts, while others focus on the meet cute and then split the couple at the end, leaving things ambiguous. Either way, we’ll never get tired to these movies about long-lost loves.


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