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The 10 Best Time Travel Devices In Movies

Comingsoon.net is traveling throughout film history to determine which time travel devices are the most effective. Check out our picks in the gallery below!

Time travel is one of the most confounding plot devices in film—it rarely makes sense and it often ends up creating more questions than answers. Filmmakers do their best to try and avoid any paradoxes or inconsistencies in the logic they’re establishing, but they aren’t always successful at this. That’s why, whenever a filmmaker comes up with a device to make their time travel story convincing, it’s worth celebrating.

More often than not, it seems that a comedic or otherwise lighthearted take makes the most sense when telling a time travel story. Making a joke out of something so complex leads to a whole new level of accessibility—“How does this work?” “I don’t know!”—that’d be unreachable with a more dramatic take. Still, some dramatic filmmakers have managed to achieve this accessibility, as well. Of all the time travel devices in all the time travel movies, these are the ones that get the job done the best.


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