15 Films of the 80s Featured in Stranger Things

15 Films of the 80s Featured in 'Stranger Things'

15 Films of the 80s Featured in ‘Stranger Things’

ComingSoon.net has selected some films the 1985 kids from Stranger Things 3 would definitely have been watching. Check out our picks in the gallery below!

The 1980s were and are a nostalgic decade for a lot of people; this has become a prevalent idea with its pop-culture resurgence courtesy of shows like Stranger Things. A plethora of pop culture references are made in the Netflix show, most of which revolve around this pivotal period of time for cinema; Dustin, Mike, Lucas, and Will dress up like ghostbusters, sing the theme song to The Neverending Story and spend time watching/discussing films like Star Wars. Also, Hopper clearly loves Jaws (1975, but still) and Magnum P.I. These sort of things not only influenced the interests of characters from Stranger Things, but also the style and feel of the show.

The Duffer Brothers, being kids from this decade as well, tapped into a well of nostalgia in order to helm everyone’s favorite show this month. While there are a lot of classic films that did not make this list (due to their mature nature); here’s a collection of some of the films the kids from Netflix’s 80s love letter were definitely watching (and some of the moments that were referenced/mentioned)…or at least will watch in the coming seasons.

*Some very minor spoilers for Stranger Things 3 follow*