The 5 Best Sports Movie Has-Beens

The 5 best sports movie has-beens is getting back in the game to find the most washed-up sports stars in film. Check out our selections in the gallery below!

If we’ve learned anything from American sporting events, there’s nothing more compelling than an underdog team or a rags-to-riches player who manage to overcome all odds in order to be the best of the best. Almost as interesting, though, is the idea of the sports movie has-been: The former superstar-turned-loser, the ancient talent who’s lost it all, the old number one who’s fallen all the way to the bottom.

That’s not to say that those has-beens can’t be winners, though—in many cases, especially as evidenced by the films below, a has-been might be just what an underdog team needs in order to rise to the top. In celebration of former glories big and small, these are the best sports movies has-beens.