best courtroom dramas

The 5 Best Courtroom Dramas is headed to court to find the best courtroom dramas. Check out our jury’s verdicts in the gallery below!

A solid courtroom drama can be invigorating, emotional, and immensely satisfying. The back-and-forth between the defendant and the prosecution, the interjections from the judge or the jury—it’s thrilling (if done correctly). Throughout the course of film history, plenty of filmmakers have done a good job with the courtroom drama. Fewer have managed to do a truly great job, though.

With release dates spanning from the 1950s to the 2010s, these courtroom dramas contained within the slideshow below are exemplary. Dealing with racism, big tech, war crimes, and even divorce, it’s hard to imagine any of these being topped any time soon. These five courtroom dramas are honestly the best of the best.


Marvel and DC