6 Documentaries That Became Narrative Feature Films


Documentaries That Became Narrative Feature Films

6 Documentaries that became narrative feature films

Comingsoon.net is taking a look at various documentaries that were later adapted into fictionalized versions of the same story. Check out the films in the gallery below!

A good, compelling documentary can change your life if (it’s effective enough). Likewise, an effective documentarian can evoke emotions and stories powerful enough to impact the way their viewers think. It’s part of what makes the filmmaking style so engrossing—it all feels so personal because it’s all so real.

For this reason, it’s probably a no-brainer for some Hollywood executive to make the decision to turn a popular, enjoyable documentary into a feature film. If it worked for the documentary, why wouldn’t a fictionalized version work? …Right? Well, regardless of how well the stories translate from one filmmaking style to another, here’s a collection of documentaries-turned-feature films.