10 best Ken Burns documentaries

Best Ken Burns Documentaries

ComingSoon.net is counting down our ten favorite documentaries from Ken Burns, who remains the prime source for compelling and informative accounts of America’s history. Check out our choices in the gallery below!

Perhaps the most notable television documentary filmmaker, Ken Burns and his iconic style remain almost as recognizable as the subjects he covers. In fact, the director has even managed to coin the term “Ken Burns effect,” which is a way of editing a documentary where the frame pans across or zooms in and out of a photo instead of keeping the frame as still as the photograph itself. It’s a fluid motion, one that was created by him and replicated by many.

It seems that no subject is off-limits for Burns. He’s covered wars, sports, athletes, presidents, musicians, and political movements with the same amount of grace and respect across the board. With no shortage of material, let’s take a look at what Burns has done best.


Marvel and DC