Movies And TV Shows With Interesting Aspect Ratios


Interesting aspect ratios

Movies and TV shows with interesting aspect ratios is taking a look at some of the most unique aspect ratios across film and television history. Check out our selections in the gallery below!

While it might not be the first thing on the average viewer’s mind when watching a movie, the aspect ratio often plays a huge part in how we perceive the film we’re watching. A 4:3 aspect ratio can instantly establish a cramped or claustrophobic tone if need be, while a 1.375:1 aspect ratio can serve as a throwback to the go-to aspect ratio of Old Hollywood. No matter what, though, they’re a key player in the film’s overall aesthetic.

While most films stick to whatever the standard is for the time, from 1.375:1 between 1932 and 1953 to 1.85:1 from 1960 onward, there are a few movies each year that branch out and get a bit more experimental with things. For example, IMAX’s ratio is 1.43:1, while Panavision’s is 2.39:1. Taking things even further are the movies below, whose aspect ratios literally push the boundaries of what a film can look like.