Every Shane Black Movie Ranked

Every Shane Black movie ranked

ComingSoon.net is counting down the films of Shane Black, whose signature sense of humor remains one of the most original voices in modern blockbuster filmmaking. Check out our choices in the gallery below!

Bursting onto the filmmaking scene with his debut script for Lethal Weapon, screenwriter-turned-director Shane Black has never been anything short of engrossingly cynical and immensely talented. From the very start, Black established himself as a thoroughly original voice in action filmmaking—from his signature trademarks like setting his films at Christmas to his knack for one-liners, one can always identify a Black script.

He’s been all over the place, creatively—darkly comedic neo-noirs to big-budget action films to nostalgic send-ups of childhood heroes—but never loses sight of what makes him unique. A Shane Black film is always guaranteed to deliver sharp dialogue, big action, and solid thrills. With just nine screenplays under his belt over the course of a few decades, Shane Black’s filmography is something to revere.