Your Guide to a Better Life on Elysium


The road to Elysium has not been an easy one. It was all the way back in 2025 that Armadyne founder Waite Sapphire announced plans for what, at the time, was billed as “the most ambitious project undertaken by man.” Proving that there was no hyperbole in those words, construction began 12 years later on the world’s first Elysium torus in orbit around the Earth.

Stretching more than 250 square kilometers, Elysium is currently home to nearly 8,000 citizens, all of whom are housed in individual homes complete with their own Steinway grand piano, Italian marble floors, sprawling manicured lawn and a 150,000 gallon infinity pool. Decorated with consult from the Guggenheim Commission for Elysium Beautification, every torus home also features preemptive climate design and a private Med-Pod 3000.

The advanced healing device is state of the art and can cure any ailment known to man with a current 99.92 percent effectivity rating at patients receiving its wholly synthetic organs. In just over 40 seconds, the 3000 can regenerate every cell in a human face. But Armadyne can’t take all the credit. Our pharmaceutical partners include global brands like Marksetz, Merjanta and Nerchem. No wonder it’s better up there!

With 365 days of perfect weather a year, Elysium’s climate allows for more than 224,000 distinct plant and animal species no longer in existence on Earth to thrive. In fact, there’s one thing we’ve allowed go extinct on Elysium: Crime. To date, Elysium is without a single casualty due to violent crime. That’s thanks in no small part to Armadyne’s security bots.

Between Earth and Elysium, there are nearly 1,300 active Homeland Defense Force (HDF) Bots deployed by the the Civil Cooperation Bureau. Networked to respond to swarm threats in a non-lethal manner, HDF bots offer a duel servomotor and harmonic speed reducer drive unit actuator. Border Patrol bots even have advanced optic sensors that can detect acute eye movement and atmospheric sensors programmed for pheromone interpretation. Since they come from Aramadyne, you can be sure they’re the very best.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the tireless efforts of men and women like Elysian’s 13 President Minister Patel and Defense Secretary Delacourt. Patel, who served as Secretary-General of the former United Nations and was three-term president in what was then India, is best known for his work as chief architect of the 2077 West Asian Peace Accords. Delacourt, meanwhile, remains the longest-standing Minister of the Elysium Corporate Authority. One of the original signors of Elysium’s constitution, Delacourt also sits on the private contracting board that allows for companies like Armadyne, GREP-Diode and Versamex to work together in such a synergetic balance.

It’s been argued that Elysium is a community build only for the privileged. While it’s certainly true that we’re proud to offer only the very, very best, we’ve also got an eye towards the future. On Earth, Armadyne employs over two million people with 500 facilities worldwide. Elysium II has already been announced to be built out of the Mexico City Armadyne plant with Elysium III running out of Sydney and Elysium IV out of Tokyo.

What are you waiting for? Homes start at just $250 million and if we haven’t already convinced you that it’s worth every penny, you can read more about Elysium at, about Armadyne’s commitment to excellence at, and about the men and women committed to keeping Earth safe at the official site of the Civil Cooperation Bureau.

Together, we are shaping a future for humanity. Won’t you join us?

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