John Leguizamo’s Ten Best Roles

10 best John Leguizamo movies

John Leguizamo’s ten best roles is counting down our ten favorite movies and TV shows starring John Leguizamo, an actor with an instantly-recognizable voice and a knack for both comedy and drama. Check out our choices in the gallery below!

Coming into the limelight with the highly-criticized video game movie Super Mario Bros, John Leguizamo has since established himself as much better than the character of Luigi Mario. In the decades following, Leguizamo has made lasting impressions in the world of acting, stand-up comedy, filmmaking, and playwriting. With plenty of time between then and now, John Leguizamo proves time and time again to be a delightful addition to any film or television show.

From fast-talking goofballs to devious villains, John Leguizamo doesn’t seem to have a typecast. Originally from Colombia but raised in Queens, the outgoing actor continues to charm audiences and critics alike with his one-of-a-kind personality and his seemingly effortless talent. Since his first appearance in the music video for Madonna’s “Borderline” back in 1984, Leguizamo has managed to rack up some truly great roles.