5 best Uma Thurman movies

Uma Thurman’s Five Best Films

ComingSoon.net is counting down our five favorite films starring Uma Thurman, who has been a part of all kinds of great films throughout her career. Check out our choices in the gallery below!

As an actress, Uma Thurman is probably most-known by many for her frequent collaborations with filmmaker Quentin Tarantino throughout the 90s and early 2000s. From her role as the Bride to her iconic performance as Mia Wallace, Thurman has a relatively small filmography but a large collection of hits within it. Even with decades between now and some of her better roles, she remains a notable and recognizable star.

It’s surprising to find that Thurman has only received one Oscar nomination and no Golden Globes recognition in all her years as an actor. She’s been a performer since she was a kid—her father is one of the leading scholars on Buddhism, and she has enjoyed transforming herself across countless acting gigs from a very young age. Even though her filmography has slowed in recent years, there’s no reason to discount decades and decades of masterful work.


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