POLL RESULTS: Should Maya Hawke Play B.B. in Kill Bill Volume 3?

ComingSoon.net recently conducted a poll about whether or not writer/director Quentin Tarantino should hypothetically make his long-promised Kill Bill Volume 3, and if so should model/actress Maya Hawke co-star with her mother Uma Thurman as B.B., the daughter of Thurman’s assassin-turned-mom Beatrix Kiddo. Nearly two-thousand of our readers chimed in, so let’s find out the results below!

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Should Quentin Tarantino actually make a Kill Bill Volume 3?

Over 1500 of our readers overwhelmingly wished to see Tarantino return to finish out Kill Bill as a trilogy! Only a quarter of those who voted (378 votes) either thought there was no story left to tell, did not like the first two, or wish to see Tarantino spend his time elsewhere.

Tarantino himself was the first one to suggest a Volume 3 as a film he’d like to make happen, wanting to see Vernita Green’s daughter Nikki get her own revenge on Beatrix. In the years since Tarantino has been non-comittal about the project, although as recently as 2016 it was rumored he had discussed the threequel with Uma Thurman. While it would be amazing to see how Beatrix and B.B.’s relationship has evolved in the ensuing years, there’s also the issue that Volume 2 wrapped up everything pretty neat and tidy. Tarantino only plans to make a few more films before his self-imposed retirement, and some fans may not want him to waste one of those rehashing Kill Bill.

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Should Maya Hawke play Beatrix Kiddo’s daughter B.B.?

Should Tarantino decide to go forward, there’s an issue of who should play B.B., with ComingSoon.net providing two cool possibilities. The first, fashion model and Juilliard-trained actress Maya Hawke is Uma Thurman’s flesh and blood daughter, and looks a helluva-lot like her. She’s also the exact right age, and has even developed a working relationship with Tarantino playing the role of “Flower Child” in his upcoming 1960’s-set film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Then there is Perla Haney-Jardine, the actress who portrayed the young B.B. in Kill Bill Volume 2. She’s still active in Hollywood, having recently starred in the horror film Midnighters and played the daughter of Michael Fassbender’s Steve Jobs in that 2015 biopic. Should she get priority over Hawke for originating the role? Our readers didn’t seem to think so.

Of those polled 3/4s (781 votes) voted for Maya Hawke to get the part, with only 21% (202 votes) wanting to see Haney-Jardine come back. This may partly be due to the novelty of seeing Thurman’s actual daughter and their chemistry together. Even though Haney-Jardine has stayed active, she hasn’t landed the right breakout role to really cement her abilities in audience minds. Of course, neither of these decisions are up to us! We leave all the Kill Bill Volume 3 decisions firmly in the hands of Quentin Tarantino.

Are you excited by the idea of a Kill Bill Volume 3? Is there someone else besides Maya Hawke or Perla Haney-Jardine who should play B.B. if it gets made? Let us know in the comments below!


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