POLL RESULTS: Who Should Be the Next Batman Actor?

POLL RESULTS: Who Should Be the Next Batman Actor?

With Warner Bros. and writer/director Matt Reeves currently gearing up for the solo superhero movie The Batman, ComingSoon.net chose six of the top fan favs rumored to be on the studio’s shortlist and set up a poll for our readers to choose which actor they think would be the next great Batman actor. Now the results are in, and you can see which actors readers favored the most and the least below!

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#1. Armie Hammer – 48% (1297 votes)

It was officially Hammer Time as no one else came close to garnering the number of votes that the Call Me By Your Name star got. Perhaps it’s fans wanting to see the actor finally have his day as Batman after being cast in the role for 2007’s cancelled Justice League: Mortal, or perhaps he’s just the ideal person to don the cape and cowl AND create a great slimy trust funder persona as Bruce Wayne ala his role(s) in The Social Network.

#2. Oscar Isaac – 21% (573 votes)

The Star Wars star came in at a distant second, clearly retaining some appeal to fans who might want a more seasoned actor to take the part. If he didn’t get to be Batman we could still see him winding up in the film, either as James Gordon or even a member of the Rogue’s Gallery.

#3. Robert Pattinson – 13% (364 votes)

In recent days its been reported that the Twilight star was, in fact, never in the running for the Batman role. It’s just as well, as very few of you thought him worthy to take up the mantle. However, if you only know him as a sparkly vampire do check out his amazing performance in 2017’s Good Time. The guy CAN act.

#4. Jack O’Connell – 10% (278 votes)

Since he broke out with Unbroken five years ago O’Connell has seemingly done everything in his power NOT to become a movie star. As a consequence, either not enough fans know who he is or don’t think he’s right for Batman.

#5. Henry Golding – 6% (152 votes)

Even though he melted a lot of hearts with his Cary Grant-esque performance in Crazy Rich Asians, it seems Golding still needs to prove himself with a few more big roles -perhaps an action part- before he wins fans over.

#6. Lucas Hedges – 2% (44 votes)

His youth and lack of action experience clearly gave our readers little to latch onto to imagine him as Batman. Given that Hedges is building a fine portfolio of dramatic roles in indie films like Manchester by the Sea and Ben is Back it might be better if he stayed in that arena and honed his craft further. We can see him becoming a huge star, just maybe not as Bruce Wayne.

With an official release date set for June 25, 2021, The Batman will focus on a younger Batman/Bruce Wayne, which unfortunately led to Ben Affleck’s departure. Reeves’ script is said to have more of a noir tone than previous Batman movies, emphasizing the character’s abilities as The World’s Greatest Detective.

Why do you think Armie Hammer will make a great Batman? Who else that was NOT on the list would be good? Still angry that Affleck isn’t coming back? Let us know in the comments below!

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