CS Video: Tommy Lee Jones and Matthew Fox Talk Emperor


Arriving in a limited release this Friday, Peter Webber’s Emperor takes audiences to the days just after the conclusion of World War II, offering a glimpse at how the actions of just a few men changed history forever.

Tommy Lee Jones stars as General Douglas MacArthur who, following Emperor Hirohitos’ surrender, is tasked with overseeing the United States’ occupation of Japan and who, effectively, becomes the ruler of the foreign nation. There, MacArthur assigns a Japanese culture expert, General Bonner Feller (Matthew Fox) to help him decide whether or not Hirohito should be charged with war crimes and, if so, what those allegations could mean for the tenuous peace between both nations.

ComingSoon.net spoke with Jones and Fox about realizing the historic drama and how they went about building aspects of the real life MacArthur and Fellers into their respective performances.

Check out the interviews in the player below!

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