The Other Clown in Town: Killjoy Goes to Hell Hits Amazon


The Other Clown in Town: Killjoy Goes to Hell Hits Amazon

Killjoy Goes to Hell: Fourth entry in the killer clown comedy franchise now available on Amazon

Stephen King’s IT opens in theaters everywhere today. We loved the film (read our glowing review) and we have more content coming celebrating Andy Muschietti’s classy adaptation. But Pennywise ain’t the only clown in town this weekend. Our friends at Full Moon are making their 2012 killer clown horror comedy Killjoy Goes to Hell available on their Amazon channel tied to a 7-day free trial. Killjoy Goes to Hell is the fourth installment of the demonic clown series starring actor (and occasional writer/director) Trent Haaga as the foul-mouthed clown Killjoy, sort of a cross between Pennywise and Howard the Duck. This time Killjoy is being accused by the Devil of not being evil enough, since he let one of his victims get away. Killjoy has to take the stand and defend his dishonor in the hottest court in the world…in Hell!

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So, after you see IT this weekend, detox from the terror with this rude, crude and bloody romp, available now on Amazon along with the entire Killjoy series to date. Pennywise may be IT…but Killjoy is the s**t!