Breaking: Tim Robbins in Talks to Return for HOWARD THE DUCK Sequel


Revered actor will possibly return for sci-fi comic book sequel.

Variety reported today another update on the J.J. Abrams produced sequel to 1986’s notorious Marvel Comics bomb and now beloved cult film, HOWARD THE DUCK.

It seems actor Tim Robbins, who appeared as Howard’s friend and foil Phil “Philsy” Blumburtt in the original science fiction/comedy classic, is being wooed to return, reprising his role.

“I couldn’t imagine not including Tim in here, in some way,” Abrams says.

“We’re close to signing. The bastard just has SO many demands. But at the end of the day, it’s like when I was doing THE FORCE AWAKENS, y’know. No Han Solo, no Harrison… no movie! Same goes with Tim. Fans would kill me if I left him out of this…”

The film, tentatively titled HOWARD THE DUCK 2: RETURN TO DUCKWORLD is aiming to go into production this July in New Zealand, directed by newcomer Smithson Allen, whose popular HOWARD THE DUCK viral fan film got him the gig.

More updates when we get them.



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