Obscure Lucio Fulci Flick The Devil’s Honey Coming to Blu-ray


Obscure Lucio Fulci Flick The Devil's Honey Coming to Blu-ray

Obscure Lucio Fulci-directed erotic thriller The Devil’s Honey comes to Blu-ray uncut from Severin Films

When this writer was in his teens, I read about an obscure Lucio Fulci movie called The Devil’s Honey in the pages of Gorezone magazine. Writer Tim Lucas mentioned that the movie had showed up on video under the generic ’80s erotica title Dangerous Obsession and that it was slightly cut but still hot. One day I rented it with some pals (I was always convincing my buddies to get Italian take-out!) and we watched it at lunch time. We were 13. It wasn’t porn, but it might as well have been. We were treated to a sax player shoving his horn against his girlfriend’s vagina to get her off, another woman getting off masturbating with nail polish, impromptu sodomy and more. Delightful stuff.

Of course, I loved the movie because it was dreamy and European and had that “Fulci Leer” I was already in love with. But I dubbed copies for my horny pals and the movie became a legend and me, a legendary smut-peddler. Oh, the ’80s!

Now, on September 26th, Severin Films honors is bringing The Devil’s Honey TOTALLY UNCUT to home video in a sweeter form than ever before, bursting with the robust flavors of perversion and degeneracy that only sinners with the most refined palates will be able to truly appreciate. Each copy of the movie comes with reversible cover art. Additionally, a limited, numbered edition slipcase (only 1000 units) with alternate NSFW artwork will be available exclusively from the Severin webstore.

In perhaps his most rarely seen film, Godfather Of Italian Gore takes on the erotic thriller genre and unleashes the ultimate onslaught of glossy depravity: Brett Halsey (Demonia), Corinne Cléry (Moonraker) and Blanca Marsillach star in this insane S&M saga that Beyond Terror: The Films of Lucio Fulci author Stephen Thrower calls “Demented and hot…good sleazy fun and perhaps Fulci’s last truly enjoyable film.”

In addition to this stellar release of the The Devil’s Honey, Severin Films has once again collaborated with the fine folks of Pseudo Ludo to introduce fans to the Severin Films Hall of Fame Directors series of enamel pins, starting with the Godfather of Gore himself, Lucio Fulci. It’s a softcore shocker supremo!

Special Features Include:

    • The Devil’s Halsey: An Interview with Actor Brett Halsey

    • Wild Flower: An Interview With Actress Corinne Cléry

    • Producing Honey: An Interview With Producer Vincenzo Salviani

    • The Devil’s Sax: An Interview With Composer Claudio Natili

    • Stephen Thrower on The Devil’s Honey

    • Fulci’s Honey: An Audio Essay by Troy Howarth – Author of “Splintered Visions – Lucio Fulci And His Films”

    • Alternate Opening

    • Trailer