The Gracefield Incident Trailer Sees Aliens and Eyeballs

The Gracefield Incident: New found footage horror movie about aliens invading boasts a novel narrative device

The big honkin’ problem with found footage horror movies, from Blair Witch Project on up, is that while you’re being menaced by whatever thingie you’re being menaced by, you think you’d, y’know, shut the damn camera off and move your arse outtta there. Such common sense reactions to such elemental fight or flee (not film) scenarios would make for some very short movies indeed. Hence why most of these movies are in fact garbage. If you cannot suspend your disbelief, how is the horror supposed to work?

Writer and director Mathieu Ratthe’s upcoming found footage shocker The Gracefield Incident navigates this problem in a novel way. Sure, it’s a FF movie, but in this case the lead schmo actually embeds a camera in his prosthetic eyeball so whatever he sees, we see. This is novel, true, but still pretty dopey. Like, realllllly dopey. Thankfully the trailer is ample intense and you can see it for yourself below.

The Gracefield Incident stars Mathieu Ratthe, Kimberly Laferriere, Victor Andres Turgeon-Trelles, Juliette Gosselin, Alexandre Nachi and Laurence Dauphinais and tells the tale of Matthew Donovan, a video game editor who embeds an iPhone camera into his prosthetic eye to secretly record and document a weekend with friends in a luxurious mountain top cabin. The weekend takes a terrifying turn when a meteorite crashes the party, forcing everyone to face the darkest, screaming extraterrestrial nightmare imaginable

The Gracefield Incident hits theaters, On Demand and Digital HD on July 21st from Momentum Pictures.