The Walking Dead’s Easy Street Song Charts in the U.K.

The Walking Dead’s torturous tune Easy Street charts as a single in the U.K.

Fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead got the mother of all earworms last week on the 7th season’s second episode The Cell, wherein the diabolical Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his gang of thugs torment and torture poor Daryl (Norman Reedus) with a sickeningly sweet little ditty called “Easy Street.” Kept in a dank cell and subject to all manner of awfulness, the most hideous device is indeed that song, which as it turns out, is indeed a real song by an obscure band called The Collapsable Hearts Club (yes, they spell collapsible that way, that’s not our typo).

Well, two days after the episode aired last Sunday night, Spotify began streaming the track and fans went gaga, blasting the number to over 100,000 listens by Wednesday.

Because of this action, the novelty tune actually creeped onto the U.K. Top 100 Singles Chart, entering at number 92. Not bad for a throwaway song by a band no one has ever heard of and one that had no industry push behind it. Again, it proves the power of The Walking Dead, which has gone beyond being an ultraviolent horror TV show to being a global cultural phenomenon.

The lad who actually wrote the tune, Jim Bianco, is no doubt overjoyed about his sudden improbable celebrity (you can read all about his astonishment in The Sun) though perhaps he’s more than a bit bummed out that a track he wrote with the intent of putting smiles on faces ended up being used as an instrument of psychological assassination.

The Walking Dead‘s 3rd seventh season episode is airing now. Check back later for our Alyse Wax’s recap. In the meantime, listen to “Easy Street” below… for 10 straight freaking hours!


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