Eibon Press and Mondo Announce Frizzi/Fulci Contest


Eibon Press and Mondo Announce Frizzi/Fulci Contest

Eibon press teams with Mondo to give fans the chance to see composer Fabio Frizzi live in concert

Fabio Frizzi, the legendary Italian progressive music composer of Lucio Fulci’s most celebrated horror films, is now in the midst of a rare U.S. tour, performing the innovative live-score presentation of Lucio Fulci’s The Beyond and the “Zombie Apocalypse Tour” in which The Beyond, The Gates of Hell, Zombie and others are represented.

Eibon Press, home of Fulci comics is on board to support and they have devised a contest to get some lucky fans in the front row! The contest is run in collusion with Mondo and all participating theaters. Winners will be selected receive A PAIR OF TICKETS to attend performances in Austin, San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle & Chicago.

And that’s not all! These winners will also receive copies of Lucio Fulci’s Zombie #1 (both the first rare printing and the second rare printing) and Lucio Fulci’s Zombie #2, which won’t even be released for two months!  These limited edition books are based on the films of Fulci, and are only available in extremely limited 1,000 copy runs, sealed in album sleeves and shrink-wrapped with special extras.

To enter, just share a photo on Twitter that shows that you are the ultimate fan of Lucio Fulci and Fabio Frizzi! Pose with your posters, T-shirts, your Fulci Comics, your Mondo Stuff, or get creative!  Draw us a picture, tag a bathroom wall, do a mural!

To win, your post must include the hashtag of your preferred city:

Austin (#FrizziAustin), San Diego (#FrizziSanDiego), San Francisco (#FrizziSanFrancisco ), Los Angeles (#FrizziLosAngeles), P ortland (#FrizziPortland), Seattle (#FrizziSeattle), Chicago (#FrizziChicago)

2 winners picked for the Austin show. (Sept. 27)*

3 winners picked for the San Diego show. (Sept. 29)**

1 winner picked for the San Francisco show. (Sept. 30)*

1 winner picked for the Los Angeles show. (Oct. 2)*

1 winner picked for the Portland (Oct. 3)***

3 winners picked for the Seattle show. (Oct. 4)**

2 winners picked for the Chicago show. (Oct. 6)*



*** Performing FRIZZI2FULCI

Winners will be selected and announced next Friday (9/23).

Good luck!