National Blood Diner Tour Books 3 New Stops


Jackie Kong's Blood Diner Tour Announces New Stop

Jackie Kong’s Blood Diner UnDead party continues to book stops across America

As we’ve been steadily reporting over the past few weeks, the weird world of genre director Jackie Kong is swelling anew, with a career resurgence that sees one of her most famous films – the 1987 slasher satire Blood Diner – hitting Blu-ray from Lionsgate’s new Vestron Classics label and that very same magnum opus the subject of a Kong-led National screening tour/event.

We’ve already announced that the massive Blood Diner UnDead party event (in which Kong screens an HD DCP and answers all questions from the crowd, followed by a berserk rock ‘n’roll party) will hit Austin and then Denver, but today, Queen Kong let us know about a stack of new dates she’s locked for this incredible exploitation film mega-tour.

The traveling Blood Diner event will now hit Kansas City on October 22 at the Screenland Cinema and then move to New York, where it will go down on November 11 at the Alamo Drafthouse in Yonkers and then the following night on November 12 at the Alamo Drafthouse Brooklyn.

Events in both Chicago and Miami are in the cards and dates will be announced shortly.

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