Exclusive! Cult Filmmaker Jackie Kong Launches BLOOD DINER Revival and Tour



Beloved cult filmmaker Jackie Kong unleashes the mother of all BLOOD DINER events.

We are in love with cult director and all around mad genius Jackie Kong.

Recently, we praised Kong’s berserk 1984 “bad cop” comedy NIGHT PATROL (read that raving and drooling essay here) and called it the funniest movie ever made.

We stand by that.

But NIGHT PATROL is just one of a handful of subversive, borderline surreal and totally transgressive genre films that Kong made in the 1980s, the others being 1983’s THE BEING and the crowning jewel of her resume, 1987’s uproarious and disgusting H.G. Lewis quote BLOOD DINER.

So strong is the fanbase for BLOOD DINER that Kong – who is notoriously elusive – has decided to re-emerge with the mother of all weird/cool BLOOD DINER events.

I mean, it’s insane. And amazing. And insane.


On Saturday, October 1st, at Austin’s legendary Spiderhouse Ballroom, Lady Jackie Kong herself will be hosting a screening of BLOOD DINER on the bigger-than-God screen, followed by a director Q&A and an all-stops-pulled-out after party with select cast and crew!

Pundits and party-goers will have the chance to see the flesh-eating Goddess Sheeter herself, imprisoned in a secure laser cage, meet the actors who survived the blood-spattered Club Dread, enjoy the all- you-can-eat “Lumerian Buffet” (and you can try to bring back the dead while you glut yourself) and dance all night to BLOOD DINER’s soundtrack including Dino Lee, the King of White Trash.

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Kong and her wild and weird entourage will be giving away free raffle tickets to the best dressed ’80s undead patrons, the likes of which will get a chance to win a copy of BLOOD DINER on DVD and get their picture posted on the official BLOOD DINER Facebook page.

The event will kick of a National BLOOD DINER: Finding Sheeter Screening Tour (you can follow the quest to capture Sheetar here) . Dates and more details about the tour and campaign TBA here at SHOCK in the coming weeks.

For more information on the BLOOD DINER kick-off screening party and horror happening, go to the official BLOOD DINER Facebook page!

And stay tuned to SHOCK for more on the event, the tour and the wild world of Jackie Kong.