James Wan Hints at More THE CONJURING Sequels



Reporting from the red carpet LA Film Fest premiere in LA at the TCL Chinese Theatre for his hotly anticipated flick THE CONJURING 2, Variety says that James Wan might be plotting more sequels.

“It depends on what happens this weekend”, Wan responded when reporters prodded him for answers.

“There could be many more movies because the Warrens have so many stories”.

Wan has previously mentioned his interest in mining the vaults of Ed and Lorraine Warren. But one wonders if the director would stick with the franchise or, as he did with his INSIDIOUS films, turn over the keys over to another director…

Screenwriters Chad and Carey Hayes were fare more adamant about their involvement in more THE CONJURING movies.

“Yes, we definitely have a third in mind,” they said.

THE CONJURING 2 opens everywhere theatrically this Friday. Will you be seeing it?

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