Gruesome Galleries: 1981’s Breast-Biting Zombie Classic BURIAL GROUND


Gruesome Galleries rolls out a whack of really gross pics from classic Italian horror film BURIAL GROUND.

Amidst the spate of sickening Italian cannibal corpse films that followed in the wake of of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD and, even more graphically, DAWN OF THE DEAD and its Italo-companion ZOMBI 2, director Andrea Bianchi’s BURIAL GROUND (aka NIGHTS OF TERROR and ZOMBI 3) stands and shambles and shreds flesh alone.

The movie is one of the greasiest, grossest and skeeziest Euroghoul efforts and as such, it commands a healthy following of horror fans who swear by its sleazeball charms and thrill to its crusty zombie FX by the legendary Gino de Rossi (Fulci’s THE GATES OF HELL). And they worship at the shrine of Peter Bark…

Bark (real name: Pietro Barzocchini) was (and is) a diminutive adult actor with wizened features who played a child in BURIAL GROUND. Not just a child, but a grim looking child (who many have rightly said looks like a pint-sized Dario Argento) with an unnatural fixation with his voluptuous mother (Mariangela Giordano).

The reason Bark locked the role was that the Italian censor would not allow legitimate child actors to appear in films with sequence of sex and violence.

And Bark forever etched himself into the minds of a generation of horror fans for engaging in a single sequence that combined both with vile aplomb!

BURIAL GROUND begins in dank cave,wherein a bearded scientist who looks like Rasputin accidentally wakes up the evil dead and, while composer Elsio Mancuso’s gurgly electronic music splooges on the the soundtrack, is devoured by a particular nasty and brittle looking ghoul.

After the credits finish their crawl, we meet a slew of trashy tourists who were meant to be guests of the dead doc and despite him not being at home, they descend on his massive home anyway and tuck in for the night.

The night…of terror!

Suddenly, the mansion is besieged by the living dead. As everyone begins to die in spectacularly violent ways, Bark and his hot mama hide out in another room where he proceeds to creepily put the moves on her, begging her to let him kiss and suck on her ample bosom.

When Bark is eventually attacked by the zombies and joins their legions, his mother is so overjoyed to see her freakish lad alive, she, in an act of mea culpa, pulls her dead son’s hungry mouth to her breast.

And he bites it off.

It’s a legendary scene and you can feast on it in the gruesome gallery below.

BURIAL GROUND suffers from a low budget and typically bad dubbing (in any version as the film was shot without sound). But it’s so malevolent, so single minded in its minimal ghoul action and so filled with scum and blood and ugliness and weirdness that it’s both irresistible and totally nightmarish.

It’s one of our favorites.

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