British Cannibal Horror TEAR ME APART Locks Online Release



Dark British cannibal shock drama TEAR ME APART sets online release date.

From fledgling UK imprint Cannibal Films comes director Alex Lightman’s acclaimed apocalyptic cannibal head trip TEAR ME APART, a strange, surreal hybrid of LORD OF THE FLIES and RAVENOUS, set in picturesque Cornish locales and grounded by an almost mystical sexuality.

We have yet to see it. But it’s high on our list (check out the intense trailer and photos below).

But now, the makers of this indie creeper have announced that, following a UK theatrical premiere in Whitechapel on June 16th, audiences around the world will be able to watch TEAR ME APART via its website on June 17th, available to buy or rent for $4.99 USD.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Living in a cave in a barren part of the Cornish landscape, two brothers turn to cannibalism to survive. Although the eldest (played by Frazer Alexander) clings to the notion that their father will reappear, bringing with him the return of the ‘old world’, the younger brother (Alfie Stewart) has no such moral compass and relishes the meat he can get from the bodies of nomadic wanderers who stray into his sights. Then one day, a different kind of prey appears, in the form of a beautiful teenager (played by Jennie Eggleton). She is possibly the last girl alive and her powerful presence ignites a sexual maelstrom. A dangerous game is about to be played. Animalism versus humanity.  Love versus survival. Love. Kill. Eat.

Visit the official TEAR ME APART site HERE.


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