A&E Pulls the Plug on DAMIEN



DAMIEN gets chopped in its first season.

A sad day for the Antichrist as Variety reported today that network A&E has confirmed that they will not be renewing DAMIEN for a second season.

The short-lived series, itself inspired by the the 1976 satanic panic horror classic THE OMEN and its spate of sequels, starred actor Bradley James as the son of the Devil, sent to raise hell on earth.

But America, so in love with television horror like THE WALKING DEAD and AMERICAN HORROR STORY, wasn’t quite ready to accept Satan as a prime time protagonist and the show, during its 10 episode run, suffered the fatal blow of abysmally low ratings (though it did open strong).

So, that’s that!

Did you watch DAMIEN? Are you mourning its demise?

In honor of its untimely passing, may we revel in poor David Warner getting his head chopped off in Richard Donner’s iconic original?

Thank you.


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