Kino Lorber to Bring Mutant Bat Classic CHOSEN SURVIVORS to Blu-ray



Killer bat opus CHOSEN SURVIVORS coming to Blu-ray.

Fans of obscure horror cinema got excited yesterday when Kino Lorber announced their intent to bring director Sutton Roley’s apocalyptic, 1974 blood-sucking mutant bat thriller CHOSEN SURVIVORS to Blu-ray.

The last time this underrated and little seen shocker appeared on any home video format was on the now out of print “Midnight Movies” double feature DVD from MGM some years back, a double bill with THE EARTH DIES SCREAMING.

CHOSEN SURVIVORS’ plot somewhat echoes the classic THE TWILIGHT ZONE episode “Five Characters in Search of an Exit” and, to a lesser extent, the much later Vincenzo Natali thriller CUBE and even boasts elements of George Romero’s third zombie stomper DAY OF THE DEAD. It evolves around a government selected group of otherwise unrelated American men and women of various professions and creeds who are drugged, whisked away and wake up 1758 feet below the earth’s surface in a machine run, state of the art, hermetically sealed bunker. These lucky folks have been randomly chosen by the powers that be to survive an already in-progress, full-blown nuclear holocaust, with the hopes that, after the radiation levels ebb, they’ll re-emerge and effectively reboot the human race.

But as the tragedy of their hopeless situation slowly sinks in and inevitable interpersonal tensions mount, events take an even grimmer turn when a pack of blood-starved, rabid vampire bats from the stalactite dripping guts of a nearby New Mexico cave, squirm their diseased way through the bunker’s ventilation shafts and do their best to relieve the not so lucky subterranean homesick survivors of their most precious of bodily fluids. As the humans battle with their legion of leather-winged aerial vermin antagonists, the ultimate truth about their apocalyptic situation is revealed…and it’s a genuine shock to say the least.

Meanwhile, the bats keep coming, and coming and coming and…

Bradford Dillman, Alex Cord and Jackie Cooper star in the bizarre, eerie film.

Mark October 4th on your calendar for street date.