Happy ALIEN Day! Diamond Select Releases New Animated Film and Toys


Diamond Select releases new toys and animated film to celebrate ALIEN day.

Happy ALIEN Day!

That’s right, it is indeed ALIEN day, April 26th, deemed so due to the toothy xenomorph’s home planet of LV-426. Not only is it a fine day to watch every single bloody ALIEN film (maybe not ALIENS VS. PREDATOR: REQUIEM, though,unless you’re a masochist) but our pals at Diamond Select Toys have announced a pack of new toys and even a new short film to honor the occasion.

First up, there’s a new stop-motion animated short from Alex Kropinak starring Diamond’s ALIENS Minimates. Inspired by the final act of James Cameron’s stunning sequel ALIENS, the short stars Ripley, Newt, Bishop and the new Deluxe Minimates sets, the Power Loader and the Alien Queen Mother herself.

The second series of ALIENS Minimates have also been released with new versions of Ripley, Drake and Apone, but the Diamond folks have already wrapped series two. Tying in to the Ridley Scott original, series 3 includes Kane in his space suit with eggs and a translucent “phantom” Xenomorph from ALIEN, Lt. Gorman in his dress uniform with an attacking Alien Warrior from ALIENS, and a two-pack of red and black Hiveworld Aliens, as seen in the classic ALIENS: GENOCIDE comic book mini-series!


For more on the ALIENS swag go HERE.

And watch the original ALIEN trailer below. Because it’s still the scariest damned trailer in horror history.


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